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MOT Classes explained

Not sure which MOT class your vehicle belongs to? Highline Autos is here to help.

All vehicles fall into one of eight classes. To find the right MOT class you’ll need to know what type of vehicle you have, its weight and engine size.
Most vehicles on the road are Class 4.

Vehicle type

Class 1

Motorcycles, with or without side cars (engine size up to 200cc)

Class 2

Motorcycles, with or without side cars (engine size over 200cc)

Class 3

3-wheel vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight)

Class 4

– 3-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight)
– Cars (up to 8 passenger seats)
– Motor caravans
– Quads (max unladen weight 400kg – for goods vehicles and max net power of 15kb)
– Dual purpose vehicles
– Private hire and public service vehicles (up to 8 seats)
– Ambulances and taxis
– Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9-12 passenger seats)
– Goods vehicles (up to 3,000kg design gross weight)

Class 4a

Class 4 vehicles (9-12 passenger seats) with a seat belt installation check

Class 5

Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13-16 passenger seats, and more than 16 passenger seats)
Play buses

Class 5a

Class 5 vehicles (13-16 passenger seats, and more than 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check

Class 7

Goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight)

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Putting the care into your car

Get your vehicle pre-mot inspected

In the UK, more than 34% of cars and vans fail their MOT in the first attempt, according to figures from the DVSA ( MOT testing data, up to 5th April 2018).

Failing your MOT test is not only inconvenient, but it can also be very expensive as you have to pay for problems to be fixed before it can pass. However, if you as the driver carry out regular maintenance on your car, van or motorcycle using a pre-MOT checklist, you could avoid some of the most common MOT fails and keep your vehicle road-ready.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry.

What's the difference between a car service and an MOT?

An MOT test will check that your vehicle meets all road safety and environmental standards. It proves that your car is roadworthy and safe to drive.  Every car over three years old must get an MOT each year to comply with UK law.

An annual service involves a comprehensive check of your vehicle’s condition, and a refresh of essentials such as engine oil, fluid and coolants, and replacement filters, if required. You should get a service at least once a year, but if you cover lots of miles your car might need to be serviced more regularly. Servicing should be completed according to your vehicle manufacturer’s schedule.

Booking a car service at the same time as your MOT provides total peace of mind and confidence that you’re ready for the journey ahead.

Why MOT and Service together?

Booking an MOT and a service together makes it much less likely that you’ll forget either of them. They can be completed during the same visit, which means you’ll only have to make one trip to the garage. Book an MOT and annual service together and you’ll save money, too.

Where can I book an MOT test?

You can book a Class 4 MOT or Class 7 MOT via the Highline Website or by contacting us on 01992 535513. If your MOT isn’t due yet, then send us your email address and we’ll remind you when it’s time to book.

I have a service / MOT booked - can I leave my car in the car park the day before?

If you leave your car overnight at Highline Autos at your own risk. We don’t own the car parks and therefore have no control over the security or any parking restrictions. If your vehicle is dropped off during opening hours, we may have availbility to store the vehicle inside the building.

Can you collect my car from my home / work address?

We only offer a car collection service to our fleet customers. Everyone else will need to drop their car in for an MOT or service. We ask you to bring your vehicle in 10 minutes before your slot to ensure we can get working immediately. If a collection and drop of service is required an additional charge may apply.

When is my MOT due date?

You’ll need an MOT test done every year, so the simplest way to find your MOT date is to check your old certificate or use our MOT tool.

If your MOT is carried out 28 days before your due date, you will retain the date for next year. For example, if your MOT is due 28th August 2022, you can have this done from 1st August 2022 and your MOT expiry will retain as 28th August 2022.

The GOV.UK offer a free MOT status checker Click here to find out more

Can I book an MOT and service together?

Yes, if you book your MOT together with a service, it will be more convenient for you,  all of which can be booked via the Highline Website

What should I do if my vehicle fails the MOT test?

You can only drive your car away from the test centre if your previous MOT certificate is still valid or if no ‘dangerous’ problems were found during the test. If we do find any major issues, they’ll need to be fixed before you can legally drive your car away.

You may only need a partial retest if you leave your vehicle at the test centre for repair and it’s retested within 10 working days. There’s no fee for this, but there may be a fee if you take your car away and bring it back for the repairs.

Our advice is to get all the repairs your vehicle needs as soon as possible so that you be confident in its safety and your legal right to drive it on the road.

What our customers have to say…

Photos By Charles
Highly recommended
paul baguzis
Fantastic service, fixed my car’s issues in timely manner. Hard to please me, but their service leaves me happy every time. Maserati Ghibli
marv barber
Great service and efficient. Would highly recommend
Linda Ranauro
Fantastic service. Arrived unexpectedly at the start of the day. Promptly seen, part sourced and work completed by 9.15. Only time for two cups of coffee that the lovely receptionist made for me. Thank you Highline
Eugene A
I would normally reserve my reviews on garages but have high praise for Highline Autos after they serviced and did some work on my BMW E90. After not being used during the covid lockdown the car needed a thorough check, with some mechanical issues and computer errors. They discovered a suspension fault that other garages have missed including BMW, as well as a persistent issue with the Traction Control. Now the car is clear of faults and drives perfectly. I can highly recommend Highline for their expertise, transparency, customer service and will certainly use them for my other cars in future.
Liz Schmitt
Faultless every time thank you.
Enid Ingrey
Visited with problems with my Jaguar Fpace. Very knowledgeable mechanics who sourced the problem and rectified it quickly as I was going away for a few days. Car is now back to normal. Costs considerably cheaper than main dealers. We visited after recommendation from our daughter. We would definitely recommend their services although for obvious reasons we hope to not be visiting again for some time! Thank you Highline Autos
I use this garage for my mots and they are a great bunch there always happy to help

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